Friday, November 6, 2009


Well our phone, cable and internet went out. That’s always fun when it’s the beginning of a three day weekend when you live on the sun a tropical island. This morning (Friday) we got up and did our chores. Dishes for me and the girls cleaned their rooms and cleaned all their stuff out of the living room and Grace swept and Brianna vacuumed with the promise of going to the pool. So we get our swim suits on and all sun screened up and off we go. Only to get there and find that it’s closed. Someone pooped in it yesterday and so they had to clean and shock it. Ugh GROSS. Anyways I have to get a new military ID card today (goodbye to my last ID photo weighing over 300lbs) so we didn’t have time to drive to another one of the pools and they didn’t want to go to the beach so we will try for a pool trip again tomorrow. Josh will be home then and can come too which was decide that might be more fun anyways because he can throw them so they can do belly flops. How that is fun I have no idea.

Update on Grace. We saw the doctor out in town again and I have to say so far I like him. He really seems to listen to what we say and he spends a lot of time talking to Grace. He agrees 100% with the diagnosis of ADHD and ODD, however he doesn’t think the behaviors are red flags for bi polar he actually thinks it’s OCD, or more specifically OCD tendencies. At this point in time the OCD behaviors are extreme enough to give her the diagnosis but understanding how it works and that she has the tendencies will help explain why she reacts the way she does to things. I know I’m not explaining it well but it made sense to us when he explained it. We also changed her medication to a completely different class and there is a definite improvement in her behavior, both at home and at school. It’s not perfect by any means but at least it’s not the daily struggle just to get through the evening.

Update on Brianna. She continues to do well at school. She loves it and is learning new things every day. At home she has been acting up for the last couple of weeks so we have been really making sure she realizes that she is not going to get away with the negative behavior. I know she sees all the attention Grace gets so we work on just praising the good behavior and she seems to be coming out of it again.

All in all I’m feeling hopeful that things will start to turn around. Josh has been able to be home a little more which makes a huge difference. I think the new medication is making a difference and hopefully this new doctor will work out. The only bad thing is it is very difficult to get appointments because they are so booked. We will see what happens.


Jolie-Anne said...

Stick with it. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job for your wonderful family. They are worth it! I can't wait to visit you all when you return to the States. This time, you have to STOP when you come through the Bay Area.

Natalie said...

Jolie-Ann said it for me. You guys are doing AWESOME and everyone who loves you is impressed by you. And now a strictly girl comment---YAY on the new photo for your ID. I'll bet that feels goooo-ood. :)

AKBrady said...

You just hang in there. Remember, Grace's life (and yours, too) is going to be a series of baby steps, taking things one day, even one hour, at a time. Cheer the successes, and take a deep breath and move on after the stumbles.
You can do it. She can do it. Send me a message anytime, okay? MJ has OCD tendencies, too, btw.
Super, super re: the new ID. Go Girl!