Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wind & Rain

We went to a birthday party a couple weeks ago at the beach. It was windy and raining which in most places would call for a change of venue.

Not in Guam.

It was still 88 degrees.

Just because...

Brianna 6/14/04

doctors and belly buttons

So I was showing Grace the pictures that Angie had sent me and included are some pictures of Grace from the day Brianna was born. Then this is the conversation that followed between the girls.

Brianna: the doctors took me out of Mommy's tummy and I had blood all over me, right?

Grace: yes and that's when they give you your belly button also.

(then Grace lifts her shirt a little and looks at her own belly button)

Grace: did they mess up on mine?


Friday, January 30, 2009

Less then a week...

until I go under the knife!

Ok I am a freak about needles so the IV part gives me the heebie jeebies.

Instead I've been focusing on what it's going to be like after.

Like two or three months after.

Because from what I've been reading the recovery is pretty brutal.

Oh well at least they're giving me pain meds and the kids will be in daycare for the month!

Does this picture make me look fat?

I showed this picture to Brianna and she said "wow you look fat in that picture!"

Isn't she sweet?

We had a talk about not calling people fat.


I can see that to a four year old I do look pretty fat.

This was me in Iceland, eight months pregnant with Brianna. That's Grace sitting on Twila's lap in the back. Isn't she cute? She had just turned two the month before.

My friend Angie emailed me some pictures and this one was taken at a surprise baby shower they had for me.

Of course I only looked fat because of being pregnant. Otherwise I was a stick.

Wait what?

Who said that?

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do you know what I love about Guam?

Ok who said that?

Seriously I am very easily pleased! Do you want to know what I love about Guam? It doesn't really have anything to do with Guam as a place but the library on base.

Yes the library on base. Guess what they do?

They call you and remind you the day your books are due.

Really, they do, EVERY TIME!

I love it.

If Betty didn't call me I would never remember to bring them back in time.

It's sad really. I read them in the first couple days then drive around with them in my car for the next week and a half until she calls and I go drop them off.

I think Betty is my new best friend.

Or at least she would be if I could understand anything else she was saying to me.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Quick Josh funny

Tonight I asked Josh if I was his favorite wife?

Do you want to know what he said?

"Well you're the one I've kept around the longest!"


My sarcasm must be rubbing off on him after all this time. Of course that might not be a good thing! :)

Things kids say

Tonight Grace was going shower in my bathroom. Well they way it's set up if the bathroom door is open the mirrored closet door is right outside. So I'm in the bedroom and Grace is in the bathroom getting undressed and all of the sudden she yells out to me "Mommy why is my bottom all white?"

Oh my goodness it was SOOO funny! She was standing there looking at herself in the mirror and thought it was CRAZY that her that her bottom (as she put it) wasn't peach like the rest of her!

I was cracking up while trying to explain that the sun makes her skin darker and her bottom is covered by her swim suit so it says white.

Her answer to my explanation was "weird!" I'm telling you it was so funny. The look on her face was priceless, I would have taken a picture if she wasn't, you know, naked at the time.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I should be...

making my list and going to the commissary.
Instead I'm posting this cute picture:

It says "CLONING, Results may vary".

Hey I thought it was cute!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

They're back!

So the builders are back trying to find out what's going on in my house.

One of the head guys came over last week and told me what they were going to do this time but to be honest I don't think I was really listening all that closely. The high points that I remembered were that they were going to come and plug drains then go in the attic and start filling water (in the pipes?) and looking down for leaks. Then something about there were only two areas that they wouldn't be able to see in which case the water would leak out from the wall.

Huh? Leak out the wall? That can't be good.

Anyways he also said it would take at least four hours.

Oh joy.

UPDATE: It's only been an hour and they're done. Well at least as done as they will be today. Once they started doing stuff they realized the pipes hook up with the neighbors (we live in a duplex) so it will involve plugging up their side too. I bet they will love that! Then they have to excavate in the front.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

Monday, January 19, 2009

What did I do to myself?

So it's after 1030pm and I'm tired so I really should go to bed but I've been watching America's Next Top Model marathon ALL DAY and it's the last episode so I have to finish watching it. I did already google to see who won though. I guess that falls under the same trait that causes me to read the end of a book when I'm less then a chapter in.

I like to know how things end. What's the big deal? :)

However while sitting here I opened up some girl scout cookies. I think they must be like potato chips and you can't eat just one.

So I didn't.

I mean we all know I'm not like a rebel or anything.

I am a rule follower.

Only now...

I feel sick.

But do you want to know what the worst part is?

I totally know better.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Josh got another medal!

Yay Josh!!!

Josh got a Navy Achievement Medal!

I need to take a picture of it and post! Grace likes it because the ribbon has green on it. :)

We're proud of him!

He rocks!

Nobody knows what to do when I'm quiet?

Amanda emailed me and said it's never good when it's quiet on the blog so I wanted to let everyone know that all is right in our world! :)

Josh and Grace went to the exchange today to look for shoes, since they both need new ones, and they are 20% off this weekend and of course they didn't have them in EITHER of their sizes! Grace can actually wear the smaller woman's size but Josh didn't realize that so they didn't check there. Maybe I will take her back later and see if we can find something. She has HUGE feet, that girl is going to be TALL!

Not like her Mom! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

$10,000 for $60.60!

No it's not a Nigerian scam!

I'm going to be having surgery on February 5 to have the excess skin removed from my stomach. The best part is I meet all the requirements from my insurance for it to be considered medically necessary so it's going to be covered and my four day hospital stay will only end up costing us $60.60! I love a bargain! :)

I'm excited and nervous. I've been working on just focusing on the excited part though because no good comes from being nervous about it. Plus my doctor is really great so that helps a lot.

So on 2/5/09, well it will be the 4th in the states, say a prayer for me, my doctor, and the hospital staff.

I'm sure I will post about it between now and then to remind you so don't worry about marking your calendars! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brianna's cheer picture

We got Brianna's cheerleading pictures in and they turned out pretty cute! I've been meaning to post it but I've been too busy *cough*lazy*cough* to scan it so instead I took a picture of the picture. :)

We work with what we have here people.

It's official

For the first time in 13 years I am cell phone-less.

Remember when you first got one and it was that big ol Motorola flip phone with the flimsy antenna that pulled out from the top? They have sure come along way since then. I LOVED my latest cell phone because it wasn't a smart phone but it had a full keyboard and made texting a breeze. However since sprint doesn't use sim cards we can't use it with a new service.

I'm sure at some point I will get a new cell phone but frankly there were just too many choices and I couldn't decide if I would use it enough here to warrant being on a plan or if I should just get a prepaid one. So in the manner of a true procrastinator I went with nothing.

Josh of course has a new phone and spent a good portion of the morning playing with it. :)

Goodbye old friend.



Has anyone seen my camera?

I STILL can't find it!

UPDATE: I kid you not but 2 minutes after I posted this I found my camera!!!

Now where did I put that winning lotto ticket...


Saturday, January 10, 2009


this one is more appropriate.


Did you know in Guam they don't have cities? They have villages. For some reason that just didn't sink in at first and everytime I was asked what village was from all I could think of was the Village People.

You know now you're going to have that song stuck in your head! HAHA

The gym

So some of my neighbors were going to go to the gym, starting last week, while the kiddos were in school so I figured I would go also.

I was going to say I went all five days but I found out that the above mentioned neighbor read my blog so I guess I better be honest and say I only went twice.

Hey it's still two times more then then week before that. Or the week before that, or heck even the week before that, or the week, ok I'll stop.


Do you notice it's 530am? I don't know what I'm doing up either.

Friday, January 9, 2009


As of tomorrow 1/10 we won't have our Sprint cell phones anymore.

Yeah the ones we only switched to because Guam was considered part of the home calling area.

Starting 1/11 Guam will no longer be part of the home calling area and will be considered international so in addition to the ridiculous amount they charge monthly they will also charge .59 a minute just for using it.

And do you want to know the worst part of all of this?

Get ready for it.


I'm serious.

Does this look like a face that is joking?

(insert serious face here, I would take a picture but I can't find my camera something I realized today when I was looking for it to take a picture of Brianna who had gotten herself dressed up for a nature walk but that is a post for another day!)

Do they not understand that I am a compulsive texter? That is the main way I communicate with my family?

Oh well I'm sure I will survive. It may require intensive therapy but somehow I'll get through it.

I think those peanut butter brownies I made yesterday will help.

Oh wait I didn't say that.

It must have been Josh.

Yes it was Josh. I hate when he posts under my name.


The holes are gone but the smell is not.

Well after cutting many, many holes in my walls and finding and repairing some leak then sealing them back up yesterday the smell is still there.

No I'm not joking, I'm serious.

We even opened up all the windows to air out the house to make sure it's not the same air recirculating and today is still smells.

Oh joy.

Maybe that's why I've had so many headaches since we've been here.

And for Amanda I'm not the only one who smells it! :P

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holes, holes, everywhere holes

Not just the hole in my shirt either! :)

Hey I only walked to the bus stop and I'm wearing fleece pants, it's quite the look.

So anyways the holes I'm referring to are the ones that are currently being cut into my walls. At least it's only in the bathrooms and most importantly I'm not the one who has to fix it!

Did I ever post on here about the smell that comes from my A/C closet? I can't remember and frankly I'm too lazy too look so I'll pretend I haven't and just tell you about it now.

I have a smell that comes from my A/C closet.

See how easy that was? Much simpler then looking through months of old posts. Maybe that's why people labels their posts? Anyways...

So in yet another effort to find the cause of the smell they have begun cutting holes in the walls to get to the pipes. Earlier this week they told me they wanted to move us to a different house but I informed them that was not an option. No way, no how. If they decide to rip out the bathroom, it's behind the A/C closet, or the kitchen then they can pay for us to stay in a hotel for a week but there is no way we are moving. We finally got pictures hung up and mostly unpacked and I'm not starting over. Plus most importantly Brianna is having a hard enough time with the move that I am not adding to it. She knows everyone on our street and this is home for the 2.5 years we have left in Guam.

Cross your fingers that this will give them some answers! I'm tired of the smell and the workers at my house all the time!

Monday, January 5, 2009


So it's hard to video Grace while she is at Judo practice because she tends to watch the camera instead of paying attention. I have no idea where she gets that from?

Here is a clip of her doing some forward rolls before her testing.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New year, new belt!

Grace started doing Judo in October for a couple reasons. One she wanted to do it and two we thought that martial arts would help her with discipline and focus. Well her hard work is paying off! She got her yellow belt today!! Great job Grace! They are on a break now through April but Josh likes to help her practice so I'm sure she will be ready to start back up again! Can you believe in April my baby is going to be SEVEN!

Got Giggles?

Last night after Brianna woke up a couple times and I tucked her back into her own bed she decided it was time to sleep with us. Well for whatever reason she climbed in between Josh and I and then we got the giggles. I mean laughing until I was crying. I don't even know what was really so funny, we just had the giggles.

When we woke up this morning the first thing Brianna said was "Remember last night when we were silly?"

Yep I do Brianna, and sometimes you just have to be silly.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's officially 2009 in Guam!

Tonight some friends from the neighborhood were getting together for NYE with a pot luck, jolly jumper, music and a projection tv for the kids to watch movies on. Josh ended up with the stomach flu and had to stay home so the girls and I headed over for some fun. They didn't last until midnight although Grace did hold out longer then Brianna and everyone had a good time.

Happy New Year everyone may it be filled with peace, health and blessings.