Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Congrats on Josh's new warfare pin!

The girls got to pin it on him!

Monday, April 26, 2010


I'm sick. I know it's a shocker. I have some kind of throat infection that isn't strep but I have white patches on my throat and my tonsils are swollen. (So I used my google medical degree and decided I have viral tonsillitis based on what she told me. My appointment is a little vague since I had a migraine at the time to the point that after I threw up they had me wait in a dark room for the strep test results.) However since I have a fever I'm contagious. Great I know. Anyways Josh picked up the girls after he got off work and took them to get dinner because I didn't cook anything. Thankfully I'm feeling much better now.

So I'm sitting here while Josh is putting the kids to bed just listening to the conversation going on around me. This is what has taken place just in the last 30min.


Grace was angry because "no one ever calls her Amanda" and stomped off to her room. I have no idea where this came from. She wasn't talking about wanting to be called Amanda, she did go through a Cortni (that is also the correct spelling if you weren't aware) stage last fall but nothing since then. Totally random and out of nowhere!


Josh: Put your pjs on.

Brianna: mumbling something I couldn't understand.

Josh: I don't care. You're dancing in here naked with just your shoes on. Put your pjs on!


Grace had just gone to bed and comes out of her room to ask us a question and after talking for a minute starts walking backwards down the hall towards her room. Josh was just looking at her (I couldn't see her) but I heard her say "don't worry I'm an expert at walking backwards" this was quickly followed by a loud crash as she fell over the little chair that sits outside Brianna's bedroom door. The timing could not have been funnier.


So that was about 30min of our life. I really think all these reality TV families have nothing on us! :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well I've seen the general surgeon at the Naval Hospital here and he referred me to a plastic surgeon so I contacted a couple in California and went and saw the one, seriously the ONE, here in Guam. I've also talked to the two family doctors I've seen over the last year while dealing with all the complications. It looks like I will have to have the entire surgery redone in order to try to have the best chance of fixing the problems and even then it doesn't guarantee that I won't still have the chronic pain. Great, huh? I decided that having the surgery done in California is not going to be a viable option because I won't be able to stay long enough for that kind of recovery since I'd be going without the girls. The plastic surgeon here was nice and I think he would probably do a great job and he has his own OR but if something happened and I ended up needing to be admitted I would be back at the Naval Hospital where I had so many problems last year and when it comes down to it I am just not comfortable with that. So after talking with Josh and at the advice of some of my doctors I am thinking I will just have to deal with it until we move back to the states next summer (2011) and then I can have my choice of doctors and hospitals and get it fixed then.

It's already been a year so hey what's what more in the big picture, right?

Rainbow Cake

How cute is this cake?

I made it for my friends daughters first birthday! I thought it turned out so cute and will make it again! The girls liked it a lot. Grace ate the yellow part because she thought it tasted the best. LOL

Monday, April 12, 2010

Prune cake... really?

So I was talking to someone the other day about baking and she mentioned how when she was calling bakeries for her daughters wedding one place was pretty insistent on their prune cake. When she expressed that she didn't think it would be the bride's first choice the person on the other end of the phone seemed shocked that she was doubting her recommendation of prune cake as a choice for a wedding.

We both thought it was funny and couldn't imagine serving prune cake at a wedding unless you wanted your guests to leave shortly there after.

Anyways this morning I was watching The View, I love it with Whoopi, and what did they have on there but PRUNE CAKE! ETA: It was the Poineer Woman who was on the View and she had her prune cake.

Am I missing something? Has anyone ever actually eaten it before, on purpose?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Brianna soccer photo spring 2010

Grace soccer photo spring 2010

Seabee Ball 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Grace!

To my dear daughter, happy birthday.
You challenge me and entertain me.
You show me things about the world that I would have missed without you there to be excited about them.
You are fearless and face the world head on and I know that will take you far in life.
Most of all you brought a joy to my life that I didn't know was possible and I am forever thankful God picked me to be your Mom.