Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A day in the life...

Grace got mad and Josh and I, over what I can't even remember. Josh might know but he won't be home until tomorrow so I can't even ask him right now and we all know if I don't post this while I'm thinking about it then it's not going to get done.

Actually since Grace isn't in bed yet tonight it might not get done anyways.

Brianna was in bed but she just got up so this doesn't look like a good sign for how the night is going to go.

Well now I've made Brianna cry. She has a night light in her room. I offered to leave her overhead light on the lowest setting but she declined that option so I closed her door and left. Then she was upset because it's too dark. Um you have a nightlight and the option of the overhead light so pick one of those because the open door is not on the menu, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER NIGHT OF YOUR FIVE YEARS OF LIFE.

Ok back to the point of this post. So Grace was mad at us and it was bedtime so she goes to her room to go to bed and later Josh goes into check on her and comes out and says to me that I have to go in and look in her closet. This is what I find:

Grace had taken everything off her bed and put it on the floor of her closet and taken everything out of her closet and put it in her room! Hilarious!

This was Sunday night, I think? Then today I was talking to her teacher on the phone and she told me that Grace had told her about sleeping in her closet so we wouldn't be able to find her because she was mad at us! Well she slept there for three nights and we never said anything to her about making her move back to her bed. She also knows that I thought it was funny and had taken her picture. Then tonight she decided to move her stuff back to her bed and tonight is sleeping there. Not sure if she will do that again since it clearly did not get the reaction she was hoping for.

Got to give her credit for trying though.

We just have to stay one step ahead of her.

*And for those concerned that we let her sleep on the tile floor don't worry too much. She's sleeping on top of two fleece sleeping bags, another fleece blanket. Plus she's wearing long sleeve and pants for pjs with socks, then the blanket on top of her is also fleece. Oh and the A/C in our house is set at 78. I'm sure she was fine. LOL


AKBrady said...

Reverse psychology is a brilliant strategy w/ these kiddos. Keep at it and good for the two of you!

meredith said...

Kids! Gotta love em!

Jenny said...

omg your brilliant!