Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami Watch lifted in Guam

Friday morning the girls went to school dressed in "island wear" to celebrate Chamorro Month. Wow we had no idea what the day would bring.

Friday evening we found out there had been a major earthquake followed quickly by a devastating tsunami in Japan. Due to our close location we were put under a tsunami watch which was upgraded to a warning before too long. Fairly quickly people were being told to leave low-lying areas and head to higher ground. Beaches and roads were closed and all beach front hotels and condos were evacuated on the first five floors. At first we were told it would hit a little after 7pm then it was changed to about 720pm. We are lucky to live in housing that is on higher ground so we didn't need to go anywhere and even had a friend bring her family over to our house for a little while.

This is the view from the end of our street and down the fence a little bit where there is a break in the trees. We walked over to see if we could watch the water pull out and see the waves. It's hard to tell from the picture but we are on the top of a couple hundred straight drop cliff. It got dark very quickly after that picture so we decided to head home about 730pm. The actually tsunami hit at 8pm.
We are very lucky to report that Guam didn't really suffer any damage. Considering how close we are to Japan, we are so blessed. God watches over us for sure. The only reports I heard were that two of the submarines broke free of the pier and had to be pulled back in, compared to what happened in Japan I'm sure nobody is complaining too much.
God was good to us here in Guam. We continue to pray for those in other areas.

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Natalie said...

SO glad you are all OK. What did the girls think of all the excitement?