Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finding the humor

So I was sitting in the recliner with my feet up and, without thinking, said out loud "Ugh I'm so tired of being broken" then Grace replied from behind me "Me too!" haha!

Did I mention that my ankle has decided to swell up for some unknown reason? I didn't fall or twist it that I can recall. It's not like I was out running marathons today. I called the nurse and she told me to ice and heat it and she will be by in the morning. If anything changes call her or the doctor.

I figured out what happened. In my other post I tried to tell God that I was getting to the point where I couldn't handle anymore, now he's reminding that He is in charge and really knows the answer to what I (and Josh) can handle.

So God I promise not to try to tell you what to do anymore, ok? Well at least not for today. Sometimes I'm weak and forget so I'm learning and paying attention now.

To add to the fun I have MRSA so now we're working on keeping it contained to only me.

Good times, here in Guam.

Whose going to be the first to visit?


Meredith said...

Wow, MRSA too? I have a friend that has had an on going battle with that. If you would like to email and get her experience with it just let me know and I'll hook you guys up!

Janice said...

Love you all and I'd be happy to visit anytime.
Love Mom

Janice said...

Grammy and Grampy

Amanda~n~Adam said...

Jeni you are unbelievable strong! You guys can handle this. I'm sorry you have to deal with all of this but I know you'll get through it. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel. You'll be well soon!

Shannon said...

OH man Jeni you'll get through all this!

Shannon said...

Will you tell Grace we said happy birthday and that a card is in the mail for her!

AKBrady said...

Girlfriend, let's take a deep breath for a minute...ahhhhhh. OK, better? You and Josh will get through this current, perhaps chronic, issue. I know you will. Let me know if there is any venting you wish to do via a web-waves, and I'll listen.
Keep leaning on each other and God!