Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dentists, leprechauns and Chief boards

I went to the dentist Friday because I broke a tooth while eating ice. I'm serious. I'm pretty sure this stuff only happens to me. I was really anemic and started eating ice right around the time we moved here, it got pretty bad at some point which resulted in fun debates with my doctor about iron transfusions and why I was refusing them. In the end I ended up taking iron twice a day and having surgery last summer to help boost my iron levels. It's much better now but the result is the ice eating is still a habit.

So to end a long story the dentist told me I need a root canal! I couldn't believe it! I've never had one before and I'm not looking forward to it. I'm not in any pain which is good because the dentist was leaving and won't be back until the 30th so they fit me in that day for the first of three appointments to get it done. I'm not a fan of the dentist so this just give me two weeks to let the anxiety build up before my appointment.

We had a good weekend around here. Saturday was taken up with soccer games then cruising around collecting items to make Grace's leprechaun trap for school. She made it today (Sunday) and it ended up taking her FIVE hours! She had three different models before she decided on the final one that she was happy with. She cracks me up. I'll find my camera and take a picture. It really doesn't look like it took that long but she spends a lot of time researching and designing. I guess it's a full process for her.

Brianna played all day and left Grace alone (with just a couple reminders) and was so good.

We also found out that Josh made board. For him to get promoted to the next level he has a chance once per year. First everyone who is eligible takes an exam, then they select some of them to go to a board (they don't really go just their service record gets reviewed) and the board picks the few people that will be promoted for that year. Anyways Josh was one of the people who made it to the board so he was happy about that. We won't know who advances until fall so it's quite a ways away. Then the next time they test is Jan or Feb of 2011 and the cycle starts again until he advances or retires.

Say a prayer and wish him luck!


Natalie said...

OK, I can't watch someone chomp ice without wincing, so holy cow, girl, OW!!!!!

Can't wait to see the Leprechaun trap...such fun projects this time of year.

And of course, Congrats to Josh and happy birthday too!

Brandie said...

Oh! Your poor tooth! Hope the dentist goes well.

And congratulations to your hubby! Hoping he passed the board!