Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well it's official we are homeless. Josh turned in our keys tonight and everything not in this hotel room is on it's way to Guam. We have been spending the last couple of days making the rounds and saying goodbye's. Brianna seems to go along her usual chatty self but Grace is having a hard time. She is feeling unsettled and scared and is starting to not let me out of her sight. It will be nice when we get there and can get into a new routine.

Tomorrow night (wednesday) we are going to have our last dinner in Cali (for a while) at the food court at the mall if anyone wants to come feel free! We're meeting at 6pm.


dorothy said...

I want to eat dinner with the homeless people! (all the more tongue-in-cheek because I often do. :) Love you guys praying over your travel and safe arrival. D

Jeeper said...

It sure was fun seeing you all again. You will be able to take these memories to Guam with you:
Juanita's din-din, strawberries, the beach hotel, starbucks, bbq at tammy's, bbq at jeni's.. being swamped by all your friends and realitives, priceless!