Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We're getting a house!

Yipee! As of Thursday we will have a house! We won't have anything to put in it for about two months but it's better then living in a hotel! First they told us it was going to end up being a couple months but thankfully someone decided to live off base and we were first on the list! Worked out nicely for us. They are brand new houses and everything is super nice inside. I've never seen navy housing with granite counter tops!
Here are some pictures from our hotel:
So for whatever reason they posted on top? Oh well!
Tomorrow is Grace's first day of school so more pictures to come!


Mary said...

Oh, man, looks like it's such torture to have to live in paradise! Good luck. I can't believe it takes TWO months to get your household goods. Do you have to sleep on the floor and live off of paper plates and takeout all that time?

Jennifer said...

Guam doesn't look so bad! LOL
Do you have to sleep on the floor??
Are you borrowing cots from the guys? LOL