Saturday, August 23, 2008

We had to get out!

Through a company called "Tour of Duty", a service provided to inbound military members and their families, we were provided with a courtesy loaner car that we acquired this morning. So we ventured. We found that base, went to McDonald's and drove through the housing areas. We found Grace's new school, then went to the Navy Exchange and the Commissary to buy things that we can use and eat at the hotel without spending our life savings on room service. Then, whild Brianna was "supposed" to be napping, Grace and I headed for the pool. IT FELT GREAT!!! It was nice and cool. We also ventured into the ocean a bit by way of the beach access from the pool area. Upon our return, we discovered (with no surprise) that Brianna had not been napping, and Jeni's sinus problems have not yet subsided. We then decided to go on the hunt for a park. The "Express Services" counter informed us that if we get on the shopping trolley, it would take us to Ipon Beach (or whatever it was called) and there was a park with a playground there. So why not? Nice trolley, open air seating, full of Japanese tourists with a tour stop at K-mart which, by the way, is open 24 hours a day! (Apparently, the Japanese tourists are fascinated by this and ALL the tour busses stop there.) We get to our stop and were directed how to get to the park and where the bus picks us back up. HUGE park, small-ish playground, partly under renovation, or so it would seem. After the kids burned off some of the "Cabin Fever" they've been bulding up, we headed back for showers and a short walk to McDonald's for dinner, then back for bed. We put a movie on for them and they, and Jeni, were out in less than 15 minutes. I think I set a new record for wearing out the kids! Tommorrow, weather depending, looks like a day at the beach of snorkeling, paddle boats and floatie toys. Maybe I'll pull a Michael Phelps and break my own record again!

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dorothy said...

Have fun and don't forget your sunblock!