Thursday, November 20, 2008


1. Brianna woke up at midnight and as I tucked her back into bed (which is really a mattress on the floor since the parts to put her bed together never turned up when we unpacked) she mumbled in her sleep " I wanna move back to California now".

2. It's 2am and she is watching House Hunters with me (hey don't judge unless you're willing to come out here) and got all excited because they are in Las Vegas.

3. It's now 225am and she is sleeping on the couch, and I'm not going to wake her up. I'm just going to let her sleep there. So there.

4. It's now 235am and she woke up, do you see why I didn't try to move her? haha

5. 245am I sang her Hush Little Baby and she went back to sleep.

6. 320am she fell off the couch. Feel free to judge.

7. 325am she insisted on going back to sleep on the couch. This time I put a pillow on the tile floor.

What are the odds I will get any sleep tonight?


Amanda~n~Adam said...

No judging going on here! Harp rarely sleeps the night in her bed because she's learned if she says "daddy cozy" ever so sweetly as is her nature Adam can't resist and she gets to spend hte night cuddled up with dad. It was fine for a night or 2 but now it makes me crazy and I guess her vote counts more then mine!
He gets sweet requests for cuddles I get my hair pulled and a screaming braty demand for "metmeal" (oatmeal) at 630 in the am! What happened to my kid who slept till 930 or 10? man I miss her!

Sorry you're having a hard time! You're strong and I know you'll make it through this. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel and God never gives your more than you can handle. You'll start feeling better soon and hopefully that will start making things easier! thinking of you!

dorothy said...
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dorothy said...

what I tried to type was "Times 10 at my house." :) I will never judge your sleeping arrangements!