Saturday, November 22, 2008

Three down, thirty three to go...

As of today we have been here for three months which means we have thirty three left. Of course if we leave at the beginning of summer we can knock about two months off there so that's only about 31 months left! Woo hoo!

Josh isn't as excited.

He likes Guam.

He said he would like to retire here.

I know I couldn't believe it either.

I'm sure going to miss him.


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Amanda~n~Adam said...

Wow I seriously can't believe it's only been three months. I don't think ANYTHING has happened in my life in that time. When your day to day is pretty much always the same it's hard to tell the passage of time I guess. Tell josh he can retire there if he wants. tell him it'd be best if you guys tried living apart now, as preparation for retirement you know. You think he'd go for that?

I'm just kidding, I miss you you all but really wouldn't encourage putting that stress on anyone's relationship