Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hey I forgot to brag...

about my girls!

So we had parent teacher conferences a couple weeks ago. The school sets up the times and when you have more then one child in the school they schedule them one after the other. How nice is that!!!

Anyways we went to Brianna's first (thankfully it was on a day Josh had taken off!) and had a very good chat with her teacher. Brianna is doing very well. She knows her letters, colors, shapes, and body parts which is what they stress working on this quarter in pre-K. Her teacher said she is very smart and catches on very quick when learning new things. She also said Brianna is definitely a leader, in other words bossy, which we have noticed also. I think it comes with having a strong willed older sister. :) We had brought up an issue with Brianna not being able to take a nap because of being in the afternoon class and the teacher had also noticed that sometimes Brianna does seems tired so since some kids are moving from the morning class we decided to try her out in that one and see if it helped. So far so good! She does really miss her friends in the afternoon class though so we will see what happens.

Next came Grace's conference. As usual Grace is doing very well in academics but is still struggling with behavior. Her teacher is great though and has tons of patience and really works with her. We couldn't have asked for a better one! Her teacher has something called centers that the kids can do when they finish their regular work. Well Grace really likes the centers so her teacher makes sure she has plenty of things for Grace to do since she finishes quickly. She even got out some extra activities for her to work on. Her teacher also works on giving her extra tasks which she loves. We were lucky last year because Grace was in such a small class so she received lots of attention but this year she is in a MUCH larger class so it's very different.

We really like both of their teachers and the girls really like them as well so I think that this year is off to a great start.


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That good California education is paying off. Sounds like the teachers there are really involved!
Did you find out what "centers" are? Dad

Amanda~n~Adam said...

I'm soooo not surprised! They do so well at school because of the support and follow up they have at home. give yourselves a pat on the back too!