Saturday, December 6, 2008

Grace's note

So Grace got upset and went to her room and wrote us this note:

I cracked up at the thank you for your support addition!!!

She came back out a little bit later with another note that said "I love you Brianna and Mommy and Daddyyyyyyy signed by Gracie Cotterell"

Personally I like that she puts her last name also, you know just in case we thought it was another Gracie! :)


Jennifer said...

..and being military & all, she's all about wanting support!!

Andrea said...

Hi Jenny, I just talked to my mom and she told me about some of the stuff you have been going though. send me an email I would like to share some stuff with you that we have been dealing with for 9 years now with Tyler. We just found out that his problem may be Asberger. After looking it up I can see it all so clearly but boy has it been hell the last 11 years I have been here with him. Email me