Friday, December 5, 2008

Thursday highs and lows

Thursday night was the Christmas party for Josh's work. It was held at one of the big hotels down on hotel row and was really nice. They had a bunch of prizes and we lucked out because both our tickets won. The first time our ticket was called Josh went up and you get to pick from a table of wrapped gifts, well he picked a painted beer mug. Um ok? So later in the night during the last drawing our other number got pulled so this time I went up and picked and I got a digital picture frame! Yay! I am pretty excited about it!

One cheesy thing though was the first number pulled belonged to one of the guys who bought and wrapped all the gifts so of course what gift did he pick. The Wii! Of course the best gift in the bunch! We all thought it was great he won but he should have let someone else pick for him since he wrapped the gifts!!!

When we got home we found out Grace had been great but Brianna wouldn't go to bed AND had broken Grace's collectible Christmas snow globe. Ugh!

Can't wait to see what is in store for the weekend! We have a cheer leading show, a pool party and a birthday party!

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Amanda~n~Adam said...

Pictures???? I want to see what you wore! and I want pics from this weeekend