Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holes, holes, everywhere holes

Not just the hole in my shirt either! :)

Hey I only walked to the bus stop and I'm wearing fleece pants, it's quite the look.

So anyways the holes I'm referring to are the ones that are currently being cut into my walls. At least it's only in the bathrooms and most importantly I'm not the one who has to fix it!

Did I ever post on here about the smell that comes from my A/C closet? I can't remember and frankly I'm too lazy too look so I'll pretend I haven't and just tell you about it now.

I have a smell that comes from my A/C closet.

See how easy that was? Much simpler then looking through months of old posts. Maybe that's why people labels their posts? Anyways...

So in yet another effort to find the cause of the smell they have begun cutting holes in the walls to get to the pipes. Earlier this week they told me they wanted to move us to a different house but I informed them that was not an option. No way, no how. If they decide to rip out the bathroom, it's behind the A/C closet, or the kitchen then they can pay for us to stay in a hotel for a week but there is no way we are moving. We finally got pictures hung up and mostly unpacked and I'm not starting over. Plus most importantly Brianna is having a hard enough time with the move that I am not adding to it. She knows everyone on our street and this is home for the 2.5 years we have left in Guam.

Cross your fingers that this will give them some answers! I'm tired of the smell and the workers at my house all the time!


Amanda~n~Adam said...

Everyone can smell this mystery odor right? It's not just you is it jeni? lol j/k. I'm happy for you guys that you don't have to move again. You're a good mom!

Natalie said...

You're a GREAT mom and it'll be interesting to find out what IS that mystery smell. :) Waiting to see what develops...