Wednesday, March 4, 2009

At the races

Before my surgery we were out and about and Josh wanted to go to the go kart racing place. So we stopped and he went in to get information since I didn't know if they would let the girls participate. I mean really who in their right minds would set a six and four year old loose on a track.
Well not these people! LOL However they did have double cars so kids under eight could ride along with an adult. Sounded reasonable one kid with me and one with Josh and he was a happy camper to get to drive the go karts.

So we all go into the place and I walk up to the counter and tell the woman my husband and I would like to drive with the girls riding with each of use. Well she takes on look at Grace and tells her she is big enough to drive herself.

Wait, what?

I explain to the woman that they had just told my husband that the kids had to be eight and sadly my daughter was only six. The woman's response?

"Oh no! She TALL! She drive herself."

Of course Grace was over the moon excited at the thought of driving herself around the track. So off we go the watch the safety video. I explained to Grace that she had to pay close attention because this was going to tell her what to do out on the track.

After the video they take up back to get ready, hair covers, helmets, gloves and we were ready.

We go out to the track and Josh ended up in the car with Brianna, not the wisest choice there, then Grace is next and finally it's me. Off we go and Grace did SUCH a great job, she followed all the rules to the letter and had a great time!

Josh was flying around the track and when we were all done I asked Brianna how she liked it and she looked at me with a rather dazed expression and said "Daddy went really fast"!!! She had fun though and they are both excited to do it again someday.
I had asked the guy working at the track if he would mind taking a couple pictures for us, hope he would get one of each of us driving but he was totally into it! He must have taken at least 40 pictures! He was running all over, crouching down and waiting for us to come up to him to get that perfect shot. He did a great job and I thanked him very much!

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Shannon said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! I can"t believe how big Grace is getting!