Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Moments of Grace

Grace continues to amaze us. She is growing up before our eyes and is making more and more good decisions. Words can't describe how it feels to see her do something that she had been struggling with without a fight.

Here are a couple of things that have happened lately, some big, some small, but all rewarding.

The girls have matching pink twin size blankets and because of the size and weight I've been using Brianna's since I got home from the hospital. Well last night Brianna decided she wanted that blanket back but I was using it so Josh asked Grace if Brianna could use hers. Now normally Grace would have said no on principal even though she wasn't using the blanket but she said sure Brianna could use it for as long as she wanted! Not a huge deal but nice all the same.

The night before that while Josh was putting Brianna to bed she was upset because her nightlight had burned out. The overhead lights are on a dimmer so it's not a huge deal but to Brianna it was. Well Grace overhead the conversation from her bedroom and came into Brianna's room with her nightlight and gave it to her and said she didn't need it so Brianna could have it. What a sweetheart!!!

The last Grace story I want to share is from Sunday. First I'll give a little back story. There is a new park that has built behind our house. It's been done for a while hasn't been approved to be opened so their has been plastic orange fencing around the park. Well last week it was pretty windy and the orange fencing was blown down so it looked like the park was open when in fact it wasn't. Josh checked with the builder on Friday and he confirmed that it was still closed. So fast forward to Sunday, Grace comes in the house and said the girl across the street told her that the new part was open and that she had even played there the day before. Grace came in the house and was all excited because she has really been wanting to play at this park. Josh told her that while it looked like it was open it really wasn't and the wind had just blown the fence down. Grace was pretty sure Josh was wrong and her friend was right but finally believed him that the park was not really open and they couldn't play there yet. Later that same day the teenager next door (who has babysat for us before) came over and asked if she could take the girls to the park. We didn't have any problem that since it's not the first time she has taken them (there are other parks in the neighborhood that are actually open) so off the girls went. After about 15min Grace comes back in the house and she is crying. At first it was hard to figure out what had happened but eventually she calmed down to tell us that they had walked to the new park that Grace knows isn't open. When Grace told the neighbor girl it wasn't open and that they weren't allowed to play there she didn't believe her and said that was where they were going and for Grace not to talk back ( I'm sure she did think it was open since the fencing was gone from around the park, even though the stands were still there) well Grace said that they couldn't stay and play there and tried to get Brianna to come home with her and Brianna wouldn't so Grace came home very upset.


I told Grace she was not in any trouble, that she had no reason to be upset because she had done everything right in that situation! We were SO PROUD of her! Even though she wanted to play at that park she knew we didn't want her too and she stood up to someone older then she is and when she didn't listen she tried to get Brianna to come home with her and when she wouldn't she came home and talked to us. What a big girl!!! We told her how proud we were of her and how we know it was hard to stand up to someone even when it was something she wanted to do.

My baby is growing up and it's so amazing to see her making good choices and being able to stand up and say when she knows something is right or wrong.


Jennifer said...

Thumbs Up!!!

Natalie said...

I just adore my little...cousin (right?) who has my middle name as her first. A special place in my hear1t for that sweetheart.

AKBrady said...

Buy that girl a popcicle!
I think you know how much I love that story.
Good Girl Grace!!!!

Amanda~n~Adam said...

Reading this brought tears to my eyes! I am so proud of her. Sharing with Bri is so huge! I want to squeeze her tight and tell her how great she is!!!