Thursday, March 19, 2009


My previous post should have said:

"Since I don't have anything nice to say I'm not going to say anything at all."

Not to worry I'm feeling better now.

I just got home from Hooters.

Stop laughing I'm serious.

Did you know people actually take their kids there?

I had NO IDEA!

We took our kids.

They seem ok.

No permanent damage.

Well at least not from dinner.


Pictures to come later.


Shannon said...

One of the girls isn't talking about wanting to be a hooter's girl? That's good!

-Noel said...

we have ALWAYS taken our kids there! It started in Hawaii when Chris would come back from sea and I craved Buffalo Shrimp, which I have only ever found there. Then we had Holden and I still loved the Buffalo Shrimp, so I bought Holden a shirt in San Diego that said "Hooter's Girls Dig Me!" Of course Brody wore the shirt, too, but sadly we haven't taken him there YET, now I think I want to go this weekend! I also have a great picture of Holden with the "ladies!" And I bought my friends daughter a "Future Hooter's Girl" shirt. Ohh,,,,, the memories!!!!

Natalie said...

Eeek. Well, we don't have any Hooters here to explain to the kids, so I guess we're off THAT particular hook...

dorothy said...

I think I want to see the photos........:)

AKBrady said...

We used to have a Hooter's here, but they closed abruptly last year, leaving hundreds of men greatly disappointed....