Monday, March 16, 2009


love was such an easy game to play. All my troubles seemed so far away.

Oh sorry.

Maybe I have ADD too.


Anyways, yesterday, Sunday for us, was such a nice day around here. We got up and while I wasn't up for running a marathon after going to the Seabee Ball the night before I was up for getting out of the house with the family. Josh wanted to take a drive and go exploring and we wanted to see if we could try out Chilis that had just opened last week. Josh had wanted to go for his birthday but the wait was too long with the kids.

I called ahead to Chilis and they said they could take us at 1130 which gave us a little time to drive around and see some other places on the base Josh wanted to show us, then we headed out to lunch.

I think we were so excited about Chilis because it's someplace that we used to go when we were in California. It's some place we met family and friend for birthdays and celebrations or sometimes went for lunch after church on Sundays.

It's familiar.

It's home.

It's silly, I know.

So off we went. The menu was a little different but overall the same feeling. There were some problems since it just opened but I ended up with my meal free and Josh and the girls shared a free dessert so a good time was had by all!

After lunch we walked across the parking lot to the outlet mall and caught the trolley to take a ride around the hot spots for tourists. They are open air and it was a beautiful day so we had a great time. It takes about an hour to go the entire circle back to the outlet mall. The girls enjoyed it and made friends with different people as they got on and off, including the driver.

After that we decided to go for a drive. There is a road that goes across the island and Josh wanted to see where it goes so off we went. Brianna was asleep within minutes and Grace watched a movie and wrote in her journal while Josh and I got to have a nice peaceful conversation.

Anyone reading with young kids knows how rare it is to be able to just sit and talk without being interrupted 50 million times.

We stopped and got some star fruit from a road side stand and then headed home.

It was a low key nice peaceful day.

I loved it.

Sadly we have no pictures because we realized when the trolley driver tried to take our picture I had forgotten to put the memory card back in the camera.

Grace said it was ok because our brain was like one giant memory card.

I love that kid.


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Amanda~n~Adam said...

sounds like a great day! I love that kid too!