Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Josh is going to be going to school in Mississippi for a month and won't have very much free time, plus he is staying in barracks.

The girls and I could book our own commercial tickets to the states but when I looked them up the other day the three of us could fly to LAX for the bargain price of $4200.

I don't need off the island that bad!

Ask me next summer when I've been here longer. It might be worth it then.



-Noel said...

try flying space A, it's standby for the military planes and an AWESOME ride, we did it once!

dorothy said...

Isn't that a scary price to fly....guess driving is out of the question? :) And swimming.....well there are the sharks... Any idea when Josh is going to be on the vacation part of the trip? Mississippi is only a few vowels away from Minnesota - don't you know.

AKBrady said...

Gee, that's about as expensive as flying from Alaska to anywhere!!
I think I wore out the keyboard when James had moved to South Carolina w/out us; three months total. Sucked. You girls take care!!!