Friday, May 8, 2009

Homeschool is looking better and better

Ok so not really but man some of the things they pick up in school amaze me with how inappropriate they are. Today I was walking outside with Grace and she was wearing a skirt and a pair of my sunglasses and she says to me "I'm hot and I don't mean from the sun" WHAT??? So I ask her if she means hot like good looking (while shocked I'm having this conversation with my first grader) and she says "No like sexy"!!! I couldn't believe it, I asked her where she heard that and she told me this riddle they say at school, something about Pepsi and sexy I can't remember exactly now. So then we had to have a conversation about what it meant and why it wasn't ok for her to be saying.

If this is what we deal with in first grade then I'm afraid to know what middle and high school are going to be like.

I'll be back later to post pictures of the reenlistment. Grace took most of the pictures and I haven't looked at them yet...


Amanda~n~Adam said...

sounds like a fun conversation to have with you baby!

Jenny said...

You lucky grace only said what she said. My son thinks he is vanilla ice. I have had to tell him its not appropriate to sing that song! Your lucky your husband doesnt watch golf. My husband watches it with the kids and they have at least 2 viagra commercials an hour. Try explaining to a second grader why he cant sing "viva viagra" without telling him what it means. Fun times. The teenage years are right around the corner Jeni, get ready, it will get worse.