Thursday, May 28, 2009

I miss my husband.

I have been so spoiled over the last several years. Josh has been with us most of the time since before we had Grace. So while were having a great time in California I still wish he was here with us.

Last night my cousin came over and set up wireless internet at my Mom's house. Oh what a joy! LOL I should be able to post more often here again since it's easy access. I have been going to Coffee Bean to do my homework since they have free wi-fi but now I don't have too.

Today were going to the thrift store, maybe stores, so we will see if we find anything exciting. I need a couple outfits to wear to the conference I'm going to next month.

The girls have been doing good. Grace is pretty routine oriented and to come here where our days can be unpredictable could have been really overwhelming for her but she has done great. Brianna is having a great time she gets pretty hyped up sometimes but over all it's going great.


AKBrady said...

Wireless, that will be very conducive to resting...:)
Glad everyone is doing well, just keep as much routine as you can w/ miss Grace. It was always tough going on vacation w/ you-know-who. I'm glad Josh can stop by in WA to see his mom, especially now. Whew.
Take care!

Natalie said...

Thrift shopping is one of the first things I plan to do back in the states! How funny. (I'll miss my husband later...he gets the first two weeks homw with us then has to go back to the Middle East, whereas we get 5 blissful weeks.)

Love to all from us!

Mary Anne Whiteley said...

FYI, even though you have wireless at your mom's, most McDonald's now have free wireless. I don't know about all the libraries, but Camarillo library has free wifi too. That's something new since they moved to the new building though.