Friday, May 8, 2009


Today Josh is reenlisting for four more years. It will bring him right to 20 then he can retire. It's going to be at a beach out in town and he wants the girls and I to go. Since it's at 11am I'm not going to send Grace to school because I would just have to turn around and pick her up an hour later. Plus now she gets to sleep in as long as she wants also. This will be the first day of school she's missed all year so part of me thinks I should send her just so she can be marked present! :) We plan on going to lunch after then she has a girl scout activity this evening. Brianna is excited to not be going to school or the daycare, right now she is watching cartoons, eating leftover pizza and getting her own cup of water.

I'm telling you the fun never stops around here.

I'll make sure to post pictures, well as long as I remember my camera, when we get home later.

For now I have to go do homework.


dorothy said...

Isn't it good to know what your doing for the next 4 years? :) I think it's great that he's going for 20.

Hugs Josh and Jeni..

Jolie-Anne said...

Very exciting. Congratulations!

AKBrady said...

I myself feel older and older knowing that the little kid we used to babysit is talking about 20 years in the military....
That said, Josh, you rock. Excellent work.