Monday, May 11, 2009


So Grace loves music, and when I say love I mean LOVE. She is always singing, making up words to songs, playing the keyboard, listening to CDs and listening to her MP3 player.

She got her MP3 player for Christmas a couple years ago, it was one of the kids Disney ones and over time it's stopped staying charged so she listens to one song and the battery dies. So since before Christmas she has been asking for a new MP3 player, specifically an Ipod Nano since it has a screen on it. Well after a while of her still wanting it Josh and I told her that if she saved half of the money to buy it then we would pay the other half for one.

For the last couple months she has been saving all her money plus doing extra chores (laundry, washing the car, pulling weeds) to earn her share. Well as of this past weekend she had enough for her half and got to go to the store, pick out the color she wanted and hand over her money to the sales person. She even had money left over and bought some new music to load on it.

She is loving it! She has music and pictures and games on it! Who knew it did all those thing?? I certainly didn't! :)

Anyways I was so proud of her for saving and really working hard to earn enough money to buy it.

My baby is growing up!

When did that happen?

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Shannon said...

Wow that's awesome! Good for Grace!