Sunday, February 15, 2009

Grace's Valentines

So Grace made this cute Valentine at school and inside it has a sweet message. Josh loves (not) the fact that he is wearing pink and purple and I'm wearing green and black! LOL

Then on her own she made this Valentine for me, up at the top it says "To Mommy Love Grace XOXO" then it has some hearts in red in the back round. Well it shows me holding something and I wasn't 100% sure what it was so I asked her to be sure. Yes I was correct.

Any guesses?

A laundry basket! LOL It's a picture of me doing laundry.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


-Noel said...

Oh my, I love that Josh is wearing pink and purple, it brings out his eyes!!! Your Grace is too funny!

Natalie said...

I think she's called it. Only true love could make us mommies do all that laundry. Happy Valentine's Day!

AKBrady said...

At least she acknowledges you do the laundry in the first place. My men think it just comes back to their drawers by magic! And that goes for the dad!