Saturday, February 14, 2009

Since the girls...

are making us crazy today I thought I would share two funny stories to remind me how great they are to have around. :)

The first one happened yesterday when I was dropping Grace off before school. One of the ladies asked what happened because she knew I was supposed to have had surgery the day before. Well I told her it got cancelled so it didn't happen but hopefully next time it would actually work out. So then Grace pipes up and says " Yeah and she only gets three chances so three strikes and you're out! Then she won't have the surgery anymore!" It was so random and funny! I asked her where she got the idea that if I didn't have it next time then I couldn't do it at all and with a totally serious face she looked at me and said again "because you only get three chances" and to her it was just that simple!

The second funny story my friend reminded me about today when we were talking and since it made me laugh I figured I would write it down here. I'm sure it's one of those things I think I will always remember but one day I won't and this way it will be here.

So at dinner we do High Point/Low Point. It's where we all go around the table and talk about the high and lowest thing from our day. Well it was a little over Brianna's head when we started it and so every night her answer was the same and it went like this "My high point/high point is having dinner with you and you and you and myself, and my other high point/high point is having dinner with you and you and you and myself."

Every. Single. Night.

It was nice to be such pleasant dinner company and to eat with someone with no low points! :)

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AKBrady said...

You are a really good mama.