Monday, February 2, 2009

Realities of living on a military base

We have lived on a base, in one country or another, for most of the girls lives but today as we were driving home from taking Josh dinner I was faced with what that really means.

As we turned on to the main road we saw people dressed in camouflage carrying large weapons and obviously training. However Grace instantly started asking pointed detailed questions about what they were doing and why. I tried to give vague answers that had worked in the past but I found that my daughter is indeed growing up and knows and understands much more then I have given her credit for in this area.

As we talked about the fact that they were training she started telling me about when they leave here and go to war they aren't training anymore and they carry guns with real bullets in them. Things I'm sure she must have heard from classmates given the fact it's an all military dependant school.

On one hand I'm so proud of her for understanding, in her own young way, that the world is bigger then just her life but on the other hand I'm sad that my six year old even knows what war is.

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