Saturday, October 18, 2008

Candy Corn

Anyone want to send Josh some candy corn? Otherwise I'm going to have to make it myself since it's nowhere to be found on the island!


Jennifer said...

Do you have a APO address or does it cost extra to send to Guam? Did you get your Starbucks green tea yet? What address is cheapest (for me!) to mail to you??

dorothy said...

Did the tea come? Was it the right one? I am happy to try again and send cany corn next week! :) love you!

Amanda~n~Adam said...

you can really make your own candy corn?!Does it taste the same?

Jeni said...

Jen- I have an FPO address and a Guam address, it costs the same to send mail to me through the USPS as it does anywhere else in the states!

Dot- I haven't gotten the tea yet. I will let you know when it get's here!

Amanda- I haven't tried making it myself yet but I did find some recipes. It seems pretty simple and I did read it's not quite as sweet. Who knows for sure though?