Thursday, October 23, 2008

Doctors make me crazy

So my doctor called me at almost 8pm last night to tell me I am anemic. I knew that, I told the nurse that when I requested the blood work but it's nice to know my self diagnosis was correct. Anyways he proceeds to request that I go back for more blood work and begins talking about nasty sounding tests that I'm pretty sure I don't want to do. So this morning I called my gastric bypass doctor and talked to them and they said they have been seeing more of it in women who are in my age group. Nothing major just to start taking the iron that the doctor here recommended. When I see my doctor here I'll let him know what they said and hopefully avoid anymore tests unless the supplements don't work.

I'll keep you posted.

The upside is that I know I'll start feeling better soon!


Mary Anne Whiteley said...

If these doctors don't understand much about WLS, then they might be giving you crappy advice. I've also heard that WLS can affect a lot of tests, like glucose tolerance tests. Glad you called your bariatric surgeon!


Amanda~n~Adam said...

It will be nice to not feel tired all the time. Iron supplements have never helped with my anemia, then again I don't think I've ever taken them regularly. so don't listen to me. You know, the only time in the last few years that I haven't been anemic was when I was pregnant.... you can try that! hahaha I'm so funny