Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our luck ran out

We moved from Cali to Iceland and back without too much trouble but this time we haven't even gotten everything in and already have several damaged pieces of furniture. Plus it's raining but I think they got everything off the truck and into the garage before it started.

They still have another crate to go pick up that has at least the couch in it.

Cross your fingers that nothing else is damaged.

Seriously I think I have killed like 50 flies. That is one bad thing about Guam is the HUGE amount of flies. Not sure why they have so many but they seem to LOVE the heat and if you have food outside it's a nightmare! Ugh

Well the movers just left and we have no parts to put either of the girls beds together. Good thing they don't mind sleeping on their mattresses on the floor!!! haha

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