Monday, October 6, 2008

Does she know she's only four?

So Brianna was just talking to my Mom on the phone and told her that she was getting a computer for Christmas. Her very own real computer, not a play one. Then she can do things on it like Mommy and Daddy. I overheard this part of the conversation and interjected that No I didn't think she was going to get her very own real computer for Christmas.

She replied " It's ok I'll just order one."

Um I don't think so.



Shannon said...

Haha...I guess now's a good time to learn that Santa doesn't always bring you want you really want for Christmas huh?

Jeni said...

Oh yeah because he sure is not bringing her a computer! LOL

dorothy said...

Oh yeah....well she knows how to order one from the Nanee store. She has proven that one to us already!