Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jeff's Pirate Cove

Since everyone was in a good mood today and had green days at school we decided to head off base and get some dinner. Sometimes you just need a change in the routine. So we started off thinking we would go to Hard Rock but along the way decided to go to Jeff's Pirate Cove instead. It was great! The girls like it, it wasn't busy because as we found out we got there not long before closing (they close at six how strange is that?!?!)

Anyways they have a bunch of these things you put your face in and the girls thought they were great fun. This was the only one they found for two people.

This is part of the view from where we were sitting having dinner. The weather was pretty cool tonight also so it was very nice!

More view!
The french fries in the kids dinner came shaped like happy faces.

This was the sunset on the way home. Beautiful.

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