Monday, September 29, 2008

As if I didn't have a hard enough time getting places...

So we went this morning to go look at scooters as a possibility for Josh. He decided to look the dealership up on the internet to see what time they opened and how to get there. I kid you not this is what it had on there for directions:

From the South – Naval Station (Merizo, Umatac, Agat & Santa Rita)Head North on Route 1, pass the 1st Traffic Light Drive about a mile and then you will come up to the 2nd Traffic Light – Tri-Intersection (Polaris Point – Left) Continue on Route 1 heading North to the 3rd Traffic Light (Veterans Cemetery – Right) Continue on Route 1, pass the 4th Traffic Light (Power Plant, USO and the Port Authority will be on your left) Continue on Route 1 for about 4 miles and that will take you to the 5th Traffic Light – Tri – Intersection or the Adelup Intersection ( Governor’s Office – Left, Mobil Gas Station - Right) Continue on Route 1 through the village of Hagatna and you will approach the 6th Traffic Light ( The Hagatna Boat Basin – Left ) Continue on Route 1, you will pass the Chamorro Village, and the Paseo Ballpark on your left and then you will come to the 7th Traffic Light Continue on Route 1, you will merge to the right lane and take a right at the 8th Traffic Light heading North on to Route 8. Continue on Route 8 where you will approach the 9th Traffic light, you will pass the First Hawaiian Bank on your left and then about a ½ mile more, the Cars Plus dealership will be on your right side.

Am I the only one that thinks that's hilarious?

I'll be back later to tell you about our adventure yesterday on a tour around the island. Would you believe I forgot my camera, terrible I know.

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Shannon said...

Are you serious! And I thought I was bad with giving directions! I didn't know it was as easy as counting out the traffic lights on the way to your destination!! Love you guys!