Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So let's see what have we been up too since I posted!

Saturday- In the morning we got up and headed to the air force base. I had never been there and they opened a brand new exchange so we wanted to go check it out. It was nice, kinda of like a wal-mart but with a food court. After we got home Josh took the girls to the Kids Day that the MWR was doing at the movie theater. It was outside in the parking lot and they had games with prizes, food, and jolly jumpers. Everything was free but of course it was raining! Some of it was under tents but the jolly jump was totally outside. Of course that didn't faze the kids so they jumped and got soaking wet. Josh brought them home and then had to go into work for about an hour in a half. The movie theater was also having a free showing of Star Wars which I was going to take the kids to and thankfully Josh made it home just in the nick of time so we all got to go!

Sunday- Josh had to work (shocker I know) so the girls and I did stuff around the house then decided to go to the USO which they LOVE! It has a big screen tv, a Wii, and a playroom. There is a lot more but those are the big things they like. So we drive out there and it's closed! Brianna was way disappointed. So we just wondered around and drove down to the village just south of the base since we had never been there before. When Josh got home we ventured out again and went and found the outlet mall. It's just like an outlet mall in the states with one glaring exception (I didn't have my camera or I would have so taken a picture!) in the food court there is a sectioned off area and one would think oh it must be smoking. Well one would be wrong! It's the DRINKING area!!! Yes the mall food court has alcohol! CRAZY! They also have Chai tea! Yummy!

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