Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ugh I have a headache

Well Josh is at work and I have a killer headache. I can't even take my medicine because it makes me tired and he's not home! Ugh times like this makes it even more of a struggle being away from family.

If you are so inclined say a prayer for us, Josh will be leaving shortly and gone until the end of next week. Hopefully he doesn't get anymore injuries, he's been stung three times (at once) by bees and now has this weird bite near his dog bites. Also that the girls and I have a good week!

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ajvthorn said...

ok josh, thats enough! I know you've been trying really hard to out do my spider bite so, for the sake of my family's well being, I'll gladly give u the crown! You and animals just don't seem to be getting along lately. my crystal ball is telling me that now is not a good time to get any pets! lol

We'll say a prayer for all of you!