Thursday, September 11, 2008


Grace is doing good! She is adjusting much better then we had anticiapated! THANK GOODNESS! She likes her school and they do all kids of neat activities. I think as long as the academics pick up it will b a good fit for her. She is also doing gymnastics, if there is room in the next level up then she is going to move into that class, it's a better time also so I hope it work out. Next month would like to start Judo but we will have to see how this month goes first. We don't want to end up with too much at once.

Grace takes the bus too and from school, there isn't a pick up in our neighbor hood yet since our street is the only one thats opened so no room for it to turn around. We walk over to the next housing area though and she catches the bus there. They think they are going to open the street behind us later this month so hopefully soon it will come here.

Brianna is loving her pre-K class! She is in the afternoon class which I don't care for since she isn't getting a nap now so we will have to see how it goes! She is doing cheerleading and so far really likes it. She loves learning the different jumps and her coach is great with the kids.

B wants to take the bus too but she will have to wait until next year when she is in Kindy. I can't imagine both my babies getting on the bus and going off to school! Good thing it's only a couple minutes away!

I've met some spouses from Josh's work and joined the PTO so it's nice to be getting to know some people. One woman I met was also in Iceland! Small world! She left right before we got there though but we had fun talking about all the things we loved there.

Josh is doing good also. He likes his job but will be happy when they get back to a normal schedule (not as happy as me) and he can really settle in!

Our new street is great! There are a bunch of kids all in the same basic age group all around and they love to play outside. Afterschool kids can be find riding bikes, scooters, skating, playing, or looking for bugs! The half the street is still closed so for now there is almost no traffic.

Ok B is ready to read her I spy book (thanks Shannon!) so I better get going!

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