Saturday, September 20, 2008

Phone service

Speaking of phone service so when I went to set up the phone service (I had to go there you can't do it on the phone) the girl tells me I need to draw a map of how to get to my house. I was like um I live on the Navy base you know the ONE on the entire island. Yes she is aware of that but I still need to draw a map. That's funny she obviously isn't familiar with my navigation skills or my drawing skills but I drew her a map anyways. I told her I don't even really know how to get to my house yet so not sure how much help my map will be. Of course they don't use street names for directions here either, makes it fun when you don't know where anything is to begin with. So anyways about my map I tell Josh later about having to draw a map and he laughs and says yeah he saw it in the paperwork (they made a copy) and he hopes they can still find our house. Nice husband! haha

They did find us since we have phone and DSL! :)

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