Friday, September 19, 2008

Open House

We went to the open house for Grace's class the other night, it was good. Grace showed us (Brianna and I) her regular class, spanish class, culture class, music class, art class, library and the gym. It was quite impressive. Within her class they have several stations for different activities and it seems very well organized. Her teacher is very nice and seems to have lots of patience. I have a conference scheduled with her on Monday, at my request.

The school is newly built and is both the elementary and middle school and is quite large. It has the offices, cafeteria, gym and library in the middle section then the sides are each two stories. One side is the elementary and the other the middle school. It seems to work pretty well.

My sinus infection is much better but the antibiotics are giving me trouble. I went back today and she gave me something else so hopefully I will be back 100% ASAP!

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