Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grace wants to be a hair dresser

and she already had her first client. Herself! I noticed a week or so ago that her hair looked strange on one side but just thought it was laying weird or something. I didn't really think much about it after that until tonight at dinner she was sitting across from me instead of where she usually sits and I could tell it really was shorter. Like a two inch section on her right side. So I asked her if she cut her hair and of course she said "No" to which I replied "you will always get in more trouble for lying then telling the truth" of course after that she confessed. She cut her hair at school. She pinky promised (this is her big thing lately) that she won't do it again so hopefully she will comply. Do you like the sad face? I told her she couldn't smile for the picture! :)

We wouldn't want to risk further headbands on bad haircuts, would we?

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