Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Who knew there was so much to do?

Hey this is my lost post!!! I found it saved as a draft! Yipee! Most of it I already posted but here it is anyways! haha

So Monday I went by Josh's work and the wives club was having a lunch so I got to meet some of them and gave them my email address so I could find out when their meetings are then Tuesday I went to the PTO meeting and met some more people which was really nice. While I was talking to one of the Moms she mentioned something about having lived in Iceland! Well that's a topic I know about so we chatted for quite awhile about what we loved and miss from living there. They left right before we got there though so our paths have never crossed until now. I did sign up to be the room parent for Grace's class for the scholastic book club. It's not time consuming but it's a little something to do.

The girls are keeping busy also. Brianna is doing cheerleading and Grace is doing gymnastics. They both have the same coach and are really enjoying it. Today after class Grace's coach told me she thinks Grace is ready to move up already if there is enough room in the other class, we should find out next week if that will happen. I hope it does just for the fact the time of the second class will make after school a little less hectic.

Grace has been riding the bus and loves it! It's a great incentive for her to get ready in the mornings. I just tell her if she doesn't then she is going to miss the bus and I'll have to drive her! Who knew that was so terrible! :) She is also really enjoying school! She has been on green everyday so that is a great start!! We get a daily progress report from the teacher and that is so nice! Nothing worse then hearing about a problem after it's been going on for a while!

Brianna is doing well in her class also! At first she didn't want to go, she just wanted to be with me all the time, but now she is much more into it. She will still say in the morning that she doesn't want to go but when it comes time to drop her off she does great! My only issue is she is in the afternoon class which leaves no time for a nap, it's been a bit of a issue because she still NEEDS the nap but we will see how it goes.

The girls still talk about wanting to go back to California and they miss everyone but I can see that they are getting more adjusted here and making new friends. Our new street is great! On any given day there are plenty of kids outside to play with or ride bikes and they are loving that! I did end up getting Brianna and new bike and Grace a scooter so have something to keep them busy also. It wasn't too bad since they were both on sale and Brianna had never gotten a new bike before, she always had Grace's old one. Grace's scooter was getting to the point where it needed to be replaced anyways since we found it left at our house when we first moved back to CA three and a half years ago!

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