Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm not above bribery

Ok so you know the difficult week Grace had last week, right? Well I am happy to report a GREEN week!!! She did great! I spoke with her teacher and Grace and I talked every day about her behavior and why we wanted to make good choices and I even told her that we would go back to the mall and she could pick a headband from a store she had admired at the mall before. As you can tell it worked and here she is in her new headband!

Brianna deciding she didn't agree that she had to hold my hand if she didn't stop spinning in the mall and almost bumping into people.

Here is the sign in the food court I mentioned before. And the reason one would need a drink in the mall... As you can tell she recovered from having to hold my hand!

Ok I'm off, Josh took the girls to get booties to wear in the water so their feet don't get cut up by coral and I have to clean. Fun, fun!

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