Thursday, September 18, 2008

Starbucks Green Tea

So did I mention I had to learn how to make my own iced tea? Yes I admit it I am 31 years old and I didn't make iced tea, why bother when my bff Starbucks did such a great job! haha

Anyways I am now an iced tea making professional. There is just one little problem! I don't have Starbucks Green Tea teabags. I'm happy with the plain ol' Lipton teabags for the black tea but I'm really missing the Starbucks Green Tea.

Anyone want to visit a Starbucks and send me some? I'll be your best friend! :)


Mary Anne Whiteley said...

I have never had their green tea, but I've had other kinds iced, and they are usually Tazo brand. I've seen them here in grocery stores and target, but not knowing what Guam has, I have no clue which way to direct you. But I decided paying a couple of bucks for iced tea wasn't worth it when I can buy a box of the tea for a few bucks and get a whole bunch of iced teas out of it!

Jeni said...

I know it's the Tazo brand but when I look at Starbucks website they have more then one green tea so I figured if someone was nice enough to send me a box of what they use in the actual store I could then find it online to reorder it in the future! :)

dorothy said...

Has anyone sent this yet? If not I will put it on my seekend schedule!

Jeni said...

Yay thanks Dot!!!